Here are some great people who we have used for work on the horse trailer and helped us out:

  • Aldwick Court Farm – Fantastic Vineyard, wedding and Event venue
  • MAD Workshop – Arthur and his team were brilliant in helping us design, making and fitting our Sleeping pod on the horse trailer. Plus Arthur fitted the electrics and would highly recomened them for any conversion work.
  • Avon trailer towbar centre – Adrian and his team helped convert major parts of of our horse trailer including the vending flap
  • Wellow Trecking Centre – Great horse trekking centre who let us store the horse trailer through some of the convsersion work
  • Bath Soft Cheese: For making amazing cheese and for letting us use there vehicles to tow the horse trailer around
  • Little Jack Horners: for lending us there vauleable time and help in converting our horse trailer and of course for making amazing sausage rolls!
  • The Bay Tree: For making amazing chutney to go in our picnic and ploughmans boxes

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